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import ctypes
from typing import List, Tuple

from .. import _binaryninjacore as core
from . import remote, util

[docs] class Group: """ Class representing a remote Group """ def __init__(self, handle: core.BNCollaborationGroupHandle): self._handle = ctypes.cast(handle, core.BNCollaborationGroupHandle) def __del__(self): core.BNFreeCollaborationGroup(self._handle) def __eq__(self, other): if not isinstance(other, Group): return False return == @property def remote(self) -> 'remote.Remote': """ Owning Remote :return: Remote object """ value = core.BNCollaborationGroupGetRemote(self._handle) if value is None: raise RuntimeError(util._last_error()) return remote.Remote(handle=value) @property def url(self) -> str: """ Web api endpoint url :return: URL string """ return core.BNCollaborationGroupGetUrl(self._handle) @property def id(self) -> int: """ Unique id :return: Id number """ return core.BNCollaborationGroupGetId(self._handle) @property def name(self) -> str: """ Group name :return: Name string """ return core.BNCollaborationGroupGetName(self._handle) @name.setter def name(self, name: str): """ Set group name You will need to push the group to update the Remote. :param name: New group name """ core.BNCollaborationGroupSetName(self._handle, name) @property def users(self) -> List[Tuple[str, str]]: """ Get list of users in the group :return: List of (userid, username) pairs """ count = ctypes.c_size_t() user_ids = ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.c_char_p)() usernames = ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.c_char_p)() if not core.BNCollaborationGroupGetUsers(self._handle, user_ids, usernames, count): raise RuntimeError(util._last_error()) result = [] for i in range(count.value): result.append((core.pyNativeStr(user_ids[i]), core.pyNativeStr(usernames[i]))) core.BNFreeStringList(user_ids, count.value) core.BNFreeStringList(usernames, count.value) return result @users.setter def users(self, usernames: List[str]): """ Set the list of users in a group by their usernames. You will need to push the group to update the Remote. :param usernames: Usernames of new group members """ array = (ctypes.c_char_p * len(usernames))() for i in range(len(usernames)): array[i] = core.cstr(usernames[i]) if not core.BNCollaborationGroupSetUsernames(self._handle, array, len(usernames)): raise RuntimeError(util._last_error())
[docs] def contains_user(self, username: str) -> bool: """ Test if a group has a user with the given username :param username: Username of user to check membership :return: If the user is in the group """ return core.BNCollaborationGroupContainsUser(self._handle, username)